Cut Flower Garden Kit

Cut Flower Garden Kit

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Last year we over over-ordered plants and underestimated the success of the seeds we started ourselves, so we bundled up our extras for our flower loving friends as "Cutting Garden Kits". The response we received was incredible so we've decided to curate these kits *intentionally* this year.

This years' collection includes easy-to-grow cut flower staples in on-trend hues like peachy snapdragons, moody cosmos, creamy zinnia.


Kits will include roughly 20 live plants, a packet of specialty sunflower seeds (these are provided as seeds to be direct sowed because they grow very quickly and do not like to be transplanted) and new for this year, one dahlia tuber!

At this time we expect the collection to include:
Sunflower (provided as seeds)
Dahlias (provided as tubers)

Exact colors, quantities and varieties will vary based on actual seed germination and production. Photos are from our farm last year, kits will vary.

You'll end up with 25-30 plants, which may seem like a lot, but all you need is a sunny 4' x 8' space!

Same as last year, once all the plants are finalized, we'll provide a PDF sample 4' x 8' layout that takes all the guesswork out of spacing and placement based on plant height.

(Listed Separately on our website)

Landscape Fabric with Stakes and Pre-Burned Holes - You can add-on the same heavy-duty landscape fabric that will be pre-cut to a 4' x 8' size and pre-burned holes based on the sample layout we develop. This is the same fabric we use (and re-use and re-use) on our farm and is what we swear by.

More flowers! - This year we are also offering 50-plant trays of zinnia, snapdragons or cosmos. Again, it may sound like a lot, but that works out to 30 - 75 square feet (depending on which flower you choose). Perfect for a sunny fenceline, flower-lined driveway, to divide up between friends or to even dip your toes in the dream of flower farming!


THIS LISTING IS FOR PRE-ORDER meaning you are placing your order before the plants are ready.

NEW FOR 2021 - TWO PICKUP LOCATIONS! **Please be sure to note during checkout your location.** THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, as it impacts when we start the seeds:

Bellefonte Pickup - On-farm around the last week of May, on/around our last frost

Delaware County Pickup - Lou Pace Auto Body in Broomall, PA mid-to-late May, on/around the last frost

These are pickup ONLY. You will be notified via email when they are ready for pick up in mid-to-late May depending on your location (Sorry, no shipping or delivery).

Thank you as always for your support of our small family business. We can't wait to get growing with you!

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