Cut Flower Seedling 50 Packs

Cut Flower Seedling 50 Packs

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If you're a home gardener with space to fill, a couple wanting to grow their own wedding flowers, a small scale or aspiring flower farmer, or a group of girlfriends wanting to try something new together - we. got. you.

What makes this unique?
These varieties were specifically selected based on our personal experience, ease of growing, and trending colors in the floral design industry in quantities that are larger than you'll find at a big box store but smaller than what you'd need if you're, say, a 14 acre flower farm.

50 happy, healthy, locally grown seedlings tucked in a single tray ready to be planted as soon as the danger of frost has passed. Please note, these are "straight runs" - meaning the entire tray will be of one variety. We cannot accommodate mix-and-match requests (Mama just does not have the time for that...). If you are looking for variety, please see our Cut Flower Garden Kit listing.

Note: We encourage you to do some Googling for photos. Some varieties are new to us so we don't have our own photography to share.


Queen Lime Red - I am absolutely in love with the Queen Lime series after growing Queen Lime Blush last year. The "Reds" are darker than the Blush, more of an antique-y burgundy that fades to a light green center.

Queen Lime Orange - Peachy apricot that fades to a light green center petals and rose center.

Benary's Giant Salmon Rose - We've grown this XL zinnia for two years and have it on board for our third. Pairs beautifully with peach, pink and even creamy yellow blooms. These blooms are so large they can totally serve as a focal flower in your bouquets!

Zinderella Peach - This will be our first year growing the Zinderella series at our farm. These are fuzzy-centered apricot colored blooms with loads of texture. We've been warned by other growers not all flowers will develop that signature scabiosa-style center, but the color palette is too good to turn down.

Creamy Yellow - This will be our second year growing these on our farm. Personally, I've never been a big fan of yellow flowers but these have converted me for sure. They are absolute workhorses, are a soft-on-the-eyes yellow and, not to mention, Pantone color of the year.


Madame Butterfly Bronze - Fluffy antique rose-coral blooms. We only grew a small quantity last year and they. were. stunners. We went from a few dozen last year to planning a few hundred this year!

Costa Apricot - The gradation of these snaps perfectly compliment blush, yellow and peach bouquets. We can't wait to try these ourselves this year!

Potomac Yellow - Basically we're going all-in on the Pantone color of the year.


Rubenza - Deep cranberry "flouncy" cut flower garden staple. While most grow cosmos for their blooms, we've used them for their foliage as well to fill out bouquets!

Zinnia - Recommended spacing of 9" apart. 50 plants will take up a little less than 30 square feet
Snapdragons - Recommended spacing of 9" apart. 50 plants will take up a little less than 30 square feet
Cosmos - Recommended spacing of 12" apart. 50 plants will take up around 75 square feet.


This being our first year, we're releasing a conservative number of trays at first and may release more as we get further into the seed starting process depending on germination rates, but there are no guarantees we'll be able to restock and we expect these to go FAST so we recommend ordering early.

THIS LISTING IS FOR PRE-ORDER meaning you are placing your order before the plants are ready.

These are pickup ONLY. You will be notified via email when they are ready for pick up in mid-to-late May depending on your location (Sorry, no shipping or delivery).

TWO PICKUP LOCATIONS! It is very important to note during checkout your appropriate pick up location, as it impacts when we start your seeds:

-Bellefonte Pickup - On-farm around the last week of May, on/around our last frost

-Delaware County Pickup - Lou Pace Auto Body in Broomall, PA mid-to-late May, on/around the last frost

Thank you as always for your support of our small family business. We can't wait to get growing with you!

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